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MaterCare Australia is a group of health care professionals and friends committed to using our training to serve our fellow human beings. Part of its service to mothers and babies in the third world will be to act as an advocate for them and inform the public through its website, newsletter, media outreach and local community-based activities. It will plead the cause of mothers and babies at local and government levels.

Medical Direction

Members of our group have been to East Timor with the Executive Director of MaterCare International, Professor Robert Walley to assess the needs of mothers and babies in the region. They found the situation desperate.

  • For every 100 women with child one woman will die.
  • If that woman dies then her other young children may die.
  • Many more infants die because of complications of pregnancy and labour.
  • Many mothers are left with injuries from birth trauma that lead to intractable incontinence.

We can dramatically improve it.

In Australia maternal deaths occur once in every 20,000 deliveries and infant mortality is rarely due to complications of pregnancy and labour. This is not due to high technology and expensive medicine but good basic health care and some relatively simple cheap operations.


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