Will you help us help mothers?

One often wonders when looking at helping poor countries “Where do I start?”. Let us start at the beginning of life and stop the domino effect of disasters in these early years which impacts upon whole lives, families, communities and countries. MaterCare Australia is committed to helping the needs of mothers and babies with the assistance of other like-minded people concerned to see their work accomplish its goal.


What Role could I have in this organization?

Your role could be anything from giving a donation, being a voting member to being a worker in the field. The raising of funds and organisational assistance are also life-saving works. Most importantly whether you join or not your prayers are needed.


How do I become a member?

Read the MaterCare Australia objectives and fill in your details on the form below. It is important that you fill in your email address as this is a cheap and efficient way to stay in touch.



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