MaterCare – Its Work


MaterCare is working towards helping mothers and babies through a number of initiatives. These are:

Prevention Programmes, to reduce maternal mortality and morbidity in rural areas with a modern emergency obstetric service which includes:

  • Improving the care given to mothers by traditional birth attendants.
  • Training nurses/midwives in maternity centers.
  • Providing an emergency obstetric transport system for mothers with complications to the district hospital.

Crisis Intervention, to provide emergency obstetrical services in the short and mid-term to the world’s ‘hotspots’.

Research, to reduce maternal deaths caused by haemorrhage.

  • MaterCare is evaluating a safe oral effective and inexpensive method of treating life threatening postpartum haemorrhage which can be used by traditional birth-attendants when medical aid is not available.

Education, of doctors and midwives in the field.

  • MaterCare has developed a multimedia training CD for doctors and nurses in the surgery and care of fistula patients.


Project Isiolo



 Dr. Robert Walley speaks about Project Isiolo at the 2011 Matercare International Conference in Rome



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