Caring for Mothers and Babies around the World
(we also care for babies in developed countries)


MaterCare is an international organization of health
professionals dedicated to the care of mothers and babies,
both born and unborn, through new initiatives of service,
training, research and education, which are designed to reduce
the unacceptably high rates of maternal mortality,
morbidity and abortion.

Matercare’s mission is to serve the Culture of Life where it is most at risk – those crisis areas and hotspots where mothers and their children, born and unborn, are neglected or abandoned outright.

Donations to MaterCare Australia, the local branch of MaterCare International, are TAX DEDUCTIBLE in Australia

Will you help us help mothers?

One often wonders when looking at helping poor countries “Where do I start?”


Mothers Matter

MaterCare is working towards helping mothers and babies through a number of initiatives. These are:

Prevention Programmes, to reduce maternal mortality and morbidity in rural areas with a modern emergency obstetric service which includes:

Improving the care given to mothers by traditional birth attendants.
Training nurses/midwives in maternity centers.
Providing an emergency obstetric transport system for mothers with complications to the district hospital.

MaterCare Australia runs projects across the world, including our ongoing projects in Kenya, Haiti and Ghana.



MaterCare Australia is a non-profit organisation affiliated with MaterCare International with the following objectives: